About Me

Shakespeare’s  Vintage was formed because my house was full of furniture, decorations  and bits and bobs that have  mysteriously accumulated over the  years. And so were  my two  sheds, my mum’s garage and my husband’s workshop!

My love of vintage things started when I was a little girl – I think it was a wooden trinket box bought at a church bazaar which was my first purchase at the tender age of 6 – and I have it still! I suppose I have always loved old and worn objects that tell a story. If something has chipped and worn paint then it has more character to me than something brand new.

I love rummaging for treasures at antiques fairs, auctions, car boot fairs, antiques shops and online and love to clean, restore and style my finds once I get them home. Some things I sell here on-line, but mostly I love to sell at antique and vintage fairs. I'll try to keep you posted as to where I'll be selling.

Thanks for stopping by and having a browse. If you need to ask me anything, then drop me an email.

Loving the old!

Sally Shakespeare