About Me

Shakespeare’s  Vintage was formed because my house was full of furniture, decorations  and bits and bobs that have  mysteriously accumulated over the  years. And so were  my two  sheds, my mum’s garage and my husband’s workshop!

My love of vintage things started when I was a little girl – I think it was a wooden trinket box bought at a church bazaar which was my first purchase at the tender age of 6 – and I have it still! Sadly, my love of vintage is not shared by my children yet – although you never know.

By setting up my on-line shop I have the perfect excuse to find more things – and if there is anything in particular you are looking for, I can probably find it for you and paint it the exact colour you would like. 

Nothing is hugely valuable. I would never dream of spoiling something that is already beautiful or antique, but I love to see the potential in something unloved and turn it into something gorgeous. My style is definitely “lived in and loved”. A bit like me then.

You may see pictures of my cocker spaniel Tasha on the website. She is my chief  adviser on all things vintage – well on all aspects of life really – and she manages to nudge her way into every photograph. Her field of expertise is wide but mainly focuses on soft furnishings, people and food.

Thanks for stopping by and having a browse.


Loving the old!

Sally Shakespeare